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  • Run one week, train one week.

  • Longer runs on paths and trails in and around Coventry, and other countryside locations. 

  • Training sessions every other week in the War Memorial Park, Coventry.

Difficulty Level: 4 - Good level of fitness.

Sunday training is different! 

For our Sunday running course, we will alternate between long runs one week, and fitness sessions the other week. The aim is to increase long distance running capability, and increase strength and VO2 performance. Designed for those wanting to become stronger, leaner, faster, and younger, our Sunday course will push you harder and build stamina and resilience.

Day and Time: Sundays 8.00am
Meeting Point: Coventry War Memorial Park, Coventry.

On the weeks we run, we meet at the Warm Memorial Park, or a location nearby. The route depends on the distance, time of year, weather, and other plans. 


Why join our Sunday running course?

To be a more efficient runner, run longer distances, and avoid injury, you need to work on your core fitness. That's why AATTs incorporate strength-training into our training plans. For our Sunday running course, we want to dedicate an entire session every other week to developing core muscles groups. Then, on alternate weeks, we'll run longer distances. 

There are so many beautiful places to run within a short drive of Coventry, such as Bradgate Park, the Malverns, Symonds Yat, the Peak District, and Dovedale, to name just a few. So, some of our Sunday runs will venture out of the city. We think it’s much more enjoyable to train in the countryside so we can strengthen our legs on woodland trails, push our limits on rolling hills, and naturally develop aerobic capacity in clean, fresh air. 

All locations are within an hour of Coventry, so you can be home mid-morning to enjoy the rest of your Sunday. 

If you want to join a Sunday run, click on the link, or get in touch and ask about our plans. We’re a friendly local running group in Coventry that loves to explore the great outdoors. 

Any questions, just ask. 

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