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Crampons are spikes that attach to the underneath of your footwear to help you grip on snow and ice. These easy to use crampons are made from a stretchy rubber frame that you put on over the top of your mountain boots; they are also suitable for most other winter walking boots.


With 19 multi-directional steel spikes, you’ll have more traction on slippy surfaces and when climbing and walking over snowy and icy surfaces. 


    • Unisex.
    • Suitable for shoe sizes approximately 6 to 10.
    • Wear over mountain boots/similar footwear.
    • Tear resistant, stretchy rubber frame so you can easily put them on over the top of your boots.
    • 19 durable, multi-directional steel spikes.
    • Each spike is 1.3cm length. 
    • Double link, stainless steel welding chains. 
    • Two velcro straps. The velcro strap passes over the top of the toe of your boot. Thread one end of the strap through the metal ring at the other end, loop it back over itself, and press the velcro down to hold the crampon securely in place. 
    • Comes with fabric carry pouch for portability and storage.
    • Ideal for angled terrain, icy roads, mud and wet grass, and dangerous sections of trail. Suitable for running, hiking, ice fishing, or stability and grip in any snowy, icy conditions.
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