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The best sunglasses for running, outdoor sports, and ultra-marathons!


Designed to be cool and lightweight, MEETSUN Polarised Sports Sunglasses are perfect for running, trekking and ultra-marathons. The ergonomic design follows the contours of your face so they stay comfortably in place and won’t slip or move no matter how hot and sweaty you get.


Your eyes will be protected nearly 100% from dangerous ultraviolet rays and you’ll keep out the wind, dust, insects, and dirt. In addition, you’ll help alleviate any eye strain and enjoy better vision thanks to polarised lenses that effectively filter the light to give you clearer, more accurate vision. 

MEETSUN Polarised Sports Sunglasses

    • Cool and lightweight - you can hardly tell you're wearing them.
    • Comfortable vented nose pads - no indentations or red marks.
    • Ergonomically shaped - perfect to wear for running and ultra-marathons. 
    • Great for running or trekking, or for other sports or outdoor activities including cycling, climbing, fishing, skiing, and golf.
    • Ideal for driving.
    • Attractive turquoise blue and black frames, and mirrored blue lenses.
    • UV400 Protection - Protects against UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
    • Flexible frame with a hinge.
    • Safe and durable.
    • Protects eyes from wind and insects. 
    • Comes with a soft storage pouch, sturdy glasses case, cleaning cloth, and neck strap. 
    • Packaged in a branded outer box.
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