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Take your drink with you wherever you go with this personalised thermal travel mug. Featuring the Ashby's Adventure Trails and Treks logo on one side, on the other side, we can customise your travel mug with your name or nickname. You can make this mug completely unique, so you could also buy one with a friend's name on for a great gift!


The black plastic lid will keep your drink hot and stop the contents from spilling out, making this mug perfect for the car or when you need a hot drink on the go. It fits snugly in most car's dashboard drinks holders.


Personalised Travel Mug

    • 14oz Thermal travel mug.
    • White or silver.
    • Ashby's Adventure Trails and Treks logo on one side. 
    • Fully customisable with your name.
    • Safe for food use.
    • Silver grey metal inner to keep contents hot.
    • Transluscent silicone rubber ring and black plastic lid to prevent spills.
    • Black easy-to-carry handle, and black bottom designed to minimise any marks on surfaces.
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