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Take your drink with you wherever you go with this customisable sports bottle with a carry handle and flip-up straw. Featuring the Ashby's Adventure Trails and Treks logo on one side, on the other side, we can customise your bottle with your name or nickname. You can make this bottle completely unique, so you could also buy one with a friend's name on for a great gift!


Stay hydrated wherever your day takes you. The flip-up straw makes it easy to sip your drink when you're on the go. And, since you can flip the straw back down when you're done, there'll be no more spillages when you pack your bottle in your bag. 

Personalised Sports Bottle With Straw

    • Customisable sports bottle with a flip-up straw for easy drinking, and carry handle.
    • Available in white or silver. 
    • Ashby's Adventure Trails and Treks logo.
    • Fully customisable with your name. 
    • Won't leak when the straw is down, making it ideal for travel or training. 
    • Lightweight, robust, and excellent quality.
    • Makes an ideal gift. 
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