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The Experience of a Lifetime: A Sunrise Walk Up Cader Idris With The Commercial Group

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Commercial Group feeling tired after their sunrise walk up Cader Idris.
The Commercial Group after their early morning walk up Cader Idris.

On Friday 13 May, the AATT team took a group from Commercial Group to the peak of Cader Idris. Read on to find out why we did it, how it went, and why this is an event that builds character and leaves you with an enormous feeling of satisfaction.

Commercial Group

Commercial specialises in providing everything an office needs to run smoothly, efficiently - and, just as importantly when it comes to the environment, responsibly and sustainably. The company’s mission is to deliver the exceptional service its customers expect and deserve. It prides itself on going above and beyond to tackle issues that need to be addressed.

A host of divisions offers everything from software and IT services to cutting edge Smart Technologies that combines digital with physical experiences to better engage customers. The company’s headquarters are in Cheltenham, and they have offices in Leeds and London. Commercial strives to nurture a happy workforce and empower employees to thrive.

The Problem:

  • Employees have a range of skills and specialisms and it’s not easy to make sure every member of staff feels included, satisfied, and fulfilled at work.

  • It’s difficult to find the time and opportunity to relax with work colleagues outside the working environment.

  • Staff need to respect and understand one another to work effectively as a cohesive team.

Simone Hindmarch, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Commercial , asked AATT to arrange a Cader Idris Sunrise Climb for herself and five senior leaders.

The Solution: A day out of the office to climb one of the highest mountains in Wales!

Simone recognised that a planned climb of this beautiful mountain at dawn would be a great way to spend quality time with colleagues from work.

Whether you know one another well, or not at all, when you experience the unknown together, you see a different side to someone, and special bonds are formed.

The Challenge

In the words of Dean Ashby, event organiser:

“We met in the car park at Dol Idris in the dead of the night at 01:45. It’s tough to motivate your body at that time of the night when it’s cold and dark and you’re tired. And you shouldn’t underestimate how difficult it is to tackle those steep steps at the start of the climb.

“There’s nothing to see but the light from your head torch and nothing to hear but the sound of the person in front of you, and the mysterious sound of a river flowing to your right.

“In spite of this, the whole team was incredible. Every single person got stuck into the challenge ahead without hesitation.”

The Summit

“With dismal weather, visibility on the summit was limited, and we were grateful to shelter from the strong wind in the stone bothy on the peak. Sometimes, you just have to take what nature throws at you, and the team embraced it, using it as an opportunity to learn new things about each other, bond, and create memories.

The Descent

“It’s always a little harder coming down a mountain than going up. In this group, we had two people who were afraid of heights. However, we made sure they felt safe with us. My two guides offered reassurance and a helping hand when they needed it. I had the experience to carefully lead the group down the steep ravine to the lake below as safely as possible. Safety is paramount on a mountain; the weather can change in an instant and I made sure everyone had the right kit. It was incredible to see people grow in confidence as we moved down the mountain.”

And the sense of achievement they experienced and that first cup of hot coffee at the bottom of the mountain made it all worthwhile!”

Feedback From Commercial After Their Early Morning Walk Up Cader Idris

“I’m someone who has a fear of the cold,” said Simone. “Honestly, I don’t even like the cold aisle in the supermarket! The AATT team made it appear easy for us….although the 1.45am start and brutal conditions at the top were a bit harsh. As for my leadership team, not a cross word was spoken, there was only support and laughter….love you all.”

Some other quotes providing feedback about the event:

“The best thing I’ve ever done.”

“An incredible experience.”

“Loved the experience and personally conquered some of my vertigo fears! Amazing experience with amazing people!”

“Thank you Dean and your team for everything today it was an experience of a lifetime - what a fab vibe. You always make it effortless and fun to take on any challenge.”

“Thank you Dean what an experience. Never done anything like it in my life and you made it easy (well sort of!). There’s an amazing spirit with you, such positive vibes and support.”

A final word from Dean: “A huge thank you to everyone who took part; you were all fantastic.”

Not all hiking groups and outdoor activity providers are the same. Ashby's Adventure Trails and Treks specialises in providing fun experiences that enhance personal skills and team bonding, while putting safety first. Get in touch with us to talk about your own bespoke event or to join us for a walk up Cader Idris.

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