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It’s Too Hot to Run!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Summer has arrived. It’s finally time to wear shorts and vests when you work out. And don’t forget you’ll need a cap, drinking water, and lashings of sun cream, right? Running in the glorious weather can be great, but the weather in Britain is just so unpredictable. With that in mind, we’ve decided to write about the benefits of running when it’s hot….and when it’s not.

Six Reasons to Run When it’s Hot

1. Everywhere looks beautiful on a sunny day

Whether you run in Coventry, another city centre, or somewhere more rural, when your surroundings are bathed in sunshine, they look stunning - and that makes you happy.

Enjoy the dappled shade of an early morning or evening run and soak up the unmistakable atmosphere of a hot day.

2. You can wear your summer activewear

During the summer months, it’s generally warm enough to run in shorts and a vest or cropped top, even if it’s not sunny. And it’s just glorious to feel the air around your knees, arms, and other parts that are kept covered during the rest of the year.

3. Ice lollies and cold drinks are an inexpensive slice of heaven

There’s nothing better than that first sip of that cold drink waiting for you when you finish your run. It makes all the hard work worth it.....

4. You’ll feel thinner and lighter

Running helps ease bloating. And, when you run in the summer, you feel like you’re working on your summer body. You might even push a bit harder when you think about that upcoming holiday.

5. It’s good for you to sweat

Sweating helps to detox heavy metals, eliminate chemicals and remove bacteria from your body.

6. You’ll feel great

After your run, you can post a photo of your tomato-red face. Anyone who has ever run will feel your pain and know just how triumphant you feel right now. Well done!

Six Reasons to Run When it’s Not

1. It's cooler

You might dread running in the cold, but you're never cold for long when you run in Britain. Your body is super effective at regulating its temperature. When you’re cold, through a process called thermoregulation, your brain instructs your body to take the necessary steps to keep you warm. Before long, your body is at a comfortable temperature.

2. It's ok to feel cold

In any case, you burn more calories when you’re cold.

3. It’s fun to run in the rain

Running in the rain feels great once you’ve accepted you’re going to get wet. After all, you’re covered in skin, and that stuff is pretty good at keeping the water out and your body comfortable.

Be mindful; notice the sound and feel of the rain around you and on you. Practising mindfulness can help improve well-being and symptoms of depression, and has benefits for mental health.

4. The ground is softer

If you run on trails, the ground is likely to be softer when the weather has been wet. Running in these conditions can feel great on your legs, ankles, and feet and it can be far more forgiving for your muscles.

And even if it’s a bit muddy, it really doesn’t matter. Mud washes out and won’t do you any harm.

5. It's easier and you're faster

For shorter distances, you don’t necessarily need to run with water - so you feel lighter and freer.

6. You feel so virtuous

You feel so hardcore when you've run in wet or cold weather. Post a selfie and let everyone know what you’ve achieved!

If you're looking for a Coventry running group, give us a try. We've collated running routes in and around Coventry of various distances, terrain, and difficulty. We'd love you to join us.

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