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What’s Coming Up?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Pic: Cader Idris

Ashby’s Adventure Trails and Treks is more than just another running group. If you’re interested in climbing a mountain, competing in a 10 km race, jogging in a forest, or tackling a much longer distance, read on. Our runners have lots of plans for the year ahead.

Cader Idris Sunrise Climb With Commercial Group

Our most recent corporate event took place on Friday 13 May 2022 when we embarked on The Cader Idris Sunrise Climb with the Commercial Group’s senior leadership team. The Cader Idris Sunrise Climb is a tough hike for a number of reasons.

First, you need to set off from home in time to meet in the Dol Idris car park at 1.45 am. With a tight window to reach the peak in time for sunrise, we need to allow at least three hours for the climb, so it’s essential we set off for 2.00 am.

Second, the start of the ascent is via steep steps - and it’s hard on your body and your legs. You expect it to be tough to climb the second-highest mountain in Wales, but there’s something else you need to know: you will also need to carry a rucksack with spare clothes and supplies. On top of all of this, it’s the dead of night, and it’s very quiet and dark.

Coming Up: Cader Idris Daylight Climb

If a Cader Idris Sunrise Climb sounds a bit too much for you, you might be interested to hear about our plan to climb Cader in the daylight. AATT is planning a day trip to drive there, climb the mountain, and drive home, all in one day.

The date will be Sunday 26 June 2022.

Save the date and let us know if you're interested.

What else is coming up this year?

The Two Castles 10 Km Run

The Two Castles Run is a 10 km run between Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle, and it takes place this year on Sunday 12 June 2022 at 9.00 am. If you’re a bit puzzled about how it works since you’re running from point A to point B, read on.

You start your run at Warwick Castle, parking your car in a public car park about 20 minutes from the castle - or someone can drop you off. If you have any kit that you’ll need for after your run, you put it in a plastic bag with your race number on a label attached to the bag. You then drop your bag off at the deposit point in Warwick Castle. The race organisers transport your bag to the finish point at Kenilworth Castle for you. Also at the finish point, when you’ve finished your run, there will be coaches and buses to take you back to Warwick so you can be reunited with your car.

What’s the course like? You’ll be running mostly on tarmac roads that are closed to traffic. The route is described as predominantly flat “with an ascending incline as you leave Leek Wootton” and “another shallower incline as you approach Kenilworth.”

Runners that have done the Two Castles Run describe it as a bit hilly, but say the views of the castles and the support from the onlookers along the way mean it really is a great event and well worth it.

Llangollen 50k Ultra Marathon

Also on Sunday 12 June 2022, four truly inspirational runners are taking part in The Llangollen 50k, an ultra marathon out and back along the River Dee in the North Wales countryside. The Llangollen 50k is described as a truly beautiful course with stunning views. But it’s a tough one. Ascents reach nearly 7000ft over the entire route, with a high point of 2071ft at Berwyn hilltop of Moel Fferna.

The amazing runners are: Dean Ashby, Nikki Glover, Serina Patel, and Charlotte Slattery. We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to seeing how they get on - and the photos!

Beyond New Forest Trail Run

What could be better than running on wide open paths through woodland, surrounded by the stunning beauty of a forest in autumn? And ponies! If you think this sounds good, you can enter The Beyond New Forest Trail Run which takes place on Sunday 23 October 2022. The start point is at Roundhill campsite in Brockenhurst in the New Forest National Park. You can choose from a half marathon, 16 km, or 10 km run. And, good to know, the routes are described as being “not complicated” and suitable for beginners - with no cut-off times.

Any other events you want to share with us? It’s always great to run with someone else, so share your plans and buddy up with another runner.

If you want to know more about our upcoming events, take a look at our Events and Activities page or get in touch. We'd love you to run with us.



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